Welcome to the Clipper Heritage Trail, a series of self-guided history tours of Newburyport. Step back in time and walk in the footsteps of shipbuilders and sea captains; bakers, clam diggers and comb makers; silversmiths and soldiers; abolitionists and African Americans; and authors and artists. Explore the hidden corners of a destination where the first settlers of Newbury landed in 1635 on the northern shores of the Parker River.

The birthplace of the United States Coast Guard, the city of Newburyport was incorporated as a separate entity in 1764 and continues to look over the Merrimack River as a reflection of its rich past and enduring beauty. From its earliest settlement to the 1960s when Newburyport residents rallied to preserve its history in response to the threat of "urban renewal" that would have demolished much of this history, Newburyport tells a story of American history itself. Clues to the New England maritime trade, the history of the anti-slavery movement, the industrial movement, innovations and inventions and more await your discovery.


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